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Different Display of Project End Dates when opening same file

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Feng Benjamin
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Hi all,

I am presently faced with the following issue:

The supplier has submitted a MSP file to both me and another planner. However, when we open the file, both of us see different Project completion dates. Both our settings and file source being the same, how is this happening? Is there any way to resolve this?


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Evgeny Z.
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I could think of the following (and I am not 100% sure):

Sometimes when you open MP project file it come out with the message about some conflict in the schedule and asks you what do do about this. Is it possible, that you answer this questions in different ways?

In any case, you probably need to troubleshoot it. I suggest that following:

May be supplier can also baseline schedule, before he sends it to both of you. Then,since baseline data is unlikley to change, once you received the schedule, you can check for differences between the baseline and the schedule (e.g. by checking the finish varience of tasks). By doing this you could find which tasks the difference comes from.

Finally, you can try to post message here:

or here:

Sorry fo rnot being too helphful