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Contruction activities_ Precast concrete Slab Track sections (PTSS)_The FFB Slab Track"BOGL" System

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Dear Partners,

I am looking for the knowledge about installing of Precast concrete Slab Track sections (PTSS) in Railway Construction project with using the FFB Slab track'Bogl" system.

Would you mind to share to me about;

1. Work Breakdown Structure of this installation phase? what kind of activities in details

2. What are kinds of equiment as the resources and material (on-site) as well ?

3. how to organize the step and sequence of these activies?

This is the first time for me to involve in railway, I wish I can learn from you all

I really appreciate your contribution to support me.

Thank You

Best Regards





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Dear all,

I need a help to find the scope of of work for civil work in construction phase in underground railway project.

the project is located in a modern and busy city.

Which methodology that I have to use cut and cover method or tunneling?

I wish you are wiling to share your data which inform the civil scope of work systematically.


Thank you

Best Regards


Daniel Limson
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Hi Winner,

Trackwork construction may include the following

1.) Upstand or walkway (In tunnels)  This can be done very quickly if you have a prefabricated shutter. (48 to 60 meters / day)

2.) Trackwork Installation - This works includes Flush Butt Welding of long welded Rail (LWR), Distribution of Materials, which includes precast concrete slab (where rails are mounted and fastened) and concreting. Gauge and alignment check prior to concreting.  

Production rates for flush butt welding up to 30 FBW / machine / day  Equipment - Flush Butt Welding Machine

Distriution of Material - Gantry Crane on Wheel or Forklift

Guage and Alignment Checking Equipment, Concrete pump.

3.) Overhead Lines (OHL) if electric driven


Best regards,