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Delay Analysis

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Ihab Elamriti
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I am very pleased to type my first post here, I would like to express my thankful to all who support this website

my question is related to EOT, I have submitted an EOT using TIA method regarding delay of handing over roads from third party who is implementing mv/lv network in the same area of our project, they have started their work 17-Mar-16 (Cut of date of our analysis) , we already have been graned EOT for 6 months, however even after 6 month still some roads not handed over to us to proceed with our scope, so we again submitted 2nd EOT and incroporated the same event with same cut of date wjich has been used 1st time. in the fragnet of event we identified the roads which already handed over by actual date of handing over and put it as constraint finish date (as a fact) and roads which were not handed over as constraint for forecast date so that we can calculate the time impact if we handed over as we assumed.

the client's planner has an objection for using same cut of date in 2nd submission, and his poit of view to use the forecast date of roads which not yet handed over which was after 1 year of the first cut of date.

what are your openions based on your experience ??


Rana Ji
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How to deal with the following situation,


Contractor completed all the works other than the suspended works , which has to be executed upon completion of main works. 

the suspended works were released to contractor after few weeks , 

how this situation is to deal to establish the extension of time claim 




Mike Testro
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Hi Shahin

A new topic should be under its own heading - not piggy back on an existing topic.

Please start again under a new heading and i will answer your query.

Best regards

Mike testro - Moderator

shahin dsh
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hi everyone

I'm confused about differences between "Contemporaneous Time Impact Analysis" and "Forensic Time Impact Analysis". can anyone explain me what are the differences between these two topic?

Kannan CP
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Hi Ibah,

Client may wants to see the concurrent delay from your side, related to prolongation cost.

So the data date of the programme should be the date on which the road was planned to handed over to you in the revised baseline programme. 

It will show whether all other available areas which were supposed to finish with in the previous granted EOT of 6 months is finishing on time or not.

Best Regards


Mike Testro
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Hi Ihab

It doesn't realy matter what forecat date you use in an impacted analysi for future works.

Your actual entitlement will be fixed on the  actual date.

With this length of delay you should be looking at your contract with a view to re rating your fixed price elements.

Or even termination if that suits better.

Best regards

Mike Testro