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EOT Presentation Templates

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Nitin Naik
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I am after getting some standard templates for presenting the EOT claims due to disruption/suspenstion of works.

I would highly appreciate if anyone can share their knowledge on this topic




Stuart Ness
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Here is my "IDIOT"’s guide:

I ntroduction
D etails
I mpact on schedule
O utcome
T otal

Hope this helps,

Francis Moyalan, ...
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Hi Nitin,

EOT claims can be submitted in any convenient format as you wish, it’s all depend on the way you want to put the matter across the table...

The optional format for presentation can be like this-

1. Planned events
2. Delaying Event
3. Effects of the delaying event
4. Effect on the overall construction sequence
5. Impact on the overal completion and hand over
6. Projected time extension that can be claimed.

If more than one isuue is there, then the impact of various issues can be presented in a single program and a consolidated program can be made and the prominent delay among all can be claimed for extension of time,

if my suggestion gives you the kind of info you are looking for, then i am very much glad to know it,


Francis Varghese,
Nasa Multiplex LLC,
Clive Randall
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Extension of time.= EOT
Norzul Ibrahim
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Nitin Naik
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Thanks for the reply,

Can you please suggest any related websites showing EOT presentations

highly appreciated your help
Shahzad Munawar
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Such templates are easily available on internet as well as Construction Claims books.

So please find such templates on aforesaid markings for prepration of EOT claims