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As built programme

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Chris Wilson
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I have a programme where I have been recording progress on a weekly basis but I have not been using it as a live programme i.e one that you reschedule on a weekly basis. I am now trying to crate an as built programme from it.

I know that If I do a reschedule at the last progress period only those activities not complete will shift and complete tasks dont shift from the baseline however I am wanting to show the progress throughout the project.

Does anyone know how to do tihs?

I was thinking I would have to go back to the first progress period and reschedule to that then the 2nd , 3rd 4th etc so activities shfted to period in wihch they were complete but not sure but this seems like a lot of work and not sure how to set reschedule options to only account for the progress at that week in the reschedule.

Any help appreciated.