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Asta Power Projects BIM module, model disappears in 3D pane

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David Davies
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Good morning all

I am Dave from Interserve Construction in Swansea, quite new to Asta but have been using 3D software for 14 years now.

I have linked in an IFC file to my programme, all good, however, when I place a site componant such as a piece of hoarding I loose it on screen as it places itself miles from my building.

Then when I view the model the pane looks blank as the model is a small pixel somewhere in one corner and the hoarding is a pixel somewhere in the other corner.  Resetting the view doesnt help either.

Anyone have a good work around for this ? The positioning tools are a bit limited unfortunately.

Kind regards




Prasanna E
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I believe you would zoom out using mouse pointer or roatting this would result. 

How to resolve that?

Truly earlier you cant as you need to relink again. Now with recent update there is icon of home in IFC view pane. by clicking that you will resume to start position of how it looked while you import.

Is that element hoarding is not viewing on screen of IFC pane?