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Converting from Power project to P6...... Helpppppppp

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Have anyone got Ideassssss


Andrew Pearce
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Hi Geoffrey,

I was faced with this problem once before.

The issue is not saving the PP to Primavera format its what happens when you open in P3 or P6.

Avoid use of multiple tasks on bars, each task in PP will become an activity in P3/6

I can only suggest that prior to saving your PP file to an XER format you open your PP file in a table showing the unique task ID (task per line option). Copy the Unique task IDs into excel, in excel change the UID's to consecutive numbers then copy and paste back into PP.

Now save file as xer. You may still have some schedulling issues but at least you can sort the activities into the same order in which they were in your PP file.

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Barry thanks for your recommendation



Mike Thanks,


There is this job i'm chasing and that's precisely what they want my to doooooo.... I don't know whyyyyy.. They need me to convert from PP to P6 and do some presentations....... Funny isn't it

Barry Drape
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Hi Geoffrey,

See the attached link

I've had recent cause to import a file generated in PP into P6. Most of the data imported OK including activity codes and calendars. However, the devil is in the detail. There were some errors in the transfer process leading to incorrect scheduling of some activities. Grouping and sorting also required a bit of work. It is certainly not a painless process but with a bit of work shouldn't cause you too much trouble.




Mike Testro
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Hi Geoffrey

If you have Powerprfoject v 10 or 11 and P3 on the same drive you can convert directly between the two systems.

P3 can then be upgraded to P6.

You will howver lose a lot of detail from PP.

You may try saving PP as an .xml file but I do not know if P6 will accept it.

The thing that I really want to know is - Why bother?

Best regards

Mike Testro