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Power Project (Team Plan) Progress Bar

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When progress is added to a child chart in power project when you go back up the bar this progress is indicated on the paerent bar. Does anyone know how accurate this is at indicating overall progress or by what method the overall delay is calculated?


Gavin Clegg
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Just a quick update on my last comment.

We have recently discussed the problem again with ASTA Support. They have stated that this has not been resolved in the new V8. I am still waiting for my updated disc.

I will test this problem when I receive the new CD.

Gavin Clegg
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I have found problems recently using Summary Bars to show actual / planned progress. IE compare actual dates against Baseline dates.

The actual dates had gone past the original baseline dates (LATE AGAIN!!). There was still work to be carried out as shown on the Baseline Prog but the Planned Work indicated 100%. (Should have read 98.7% - worked out manually)

After several attempts trying to resolve myself I called ASTA TECH department. 4 Days later they stated that this would be sorted in the next version.


This is the first problem I have encounted with Progress on Summary Bar. But, I still maintain that Powerproject allows the user full control of as-built/progress reporting to give detailed acceptable programmes to the client. Which we all know - WE MUST KEEP HAPPY - They pay the bills.


David Bordoli
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Tim / Guest

As far as I am aware Powerproject uses a method similar to ‘Planned Progress Monitoring’ to roll up progress to summary and expanded bars.

Tim – you are correct in saying that the method does not take account of criticality but we should remember that many users of Powerproject (and any other software) often do not always fully link their projects and even may just use them as a means of producing ‘Ganntt Charts’.

The criticisms of Planned Progress Monitoring are well documented but I think it’s not that bad. At least it is a relatively objective way in which to roll up progress (not only when considering summary and expanded bars) to assess a project’s current position.



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Tim Large
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It is not very accurate, as the line will treat all bars with the same level of criticality, and if you individually progress segments of the same activity it will be even further off as the measurement of progress. BUT, if you are new to planning it may be better than nothing