Portfolio Management


Enterprise Project Management and Governance

Enterprise Project Management enables control within projects and programmes, management of constraints and resources across the portfolio, and assurance. However – if it’s not supporting decision making, half of the value is lost – and if your decision making is dysfunctional – then why bother?


Driving Project Portfolio Risk & Opportunity Management for Benefit Realization

"Enhance opportunities and reduce threats by aligning sub-portfolios, programs and projects to meet organizational strategic goals"

Your first portfolio review



This is part blogs series about Portfolio Management, the discipline of managing which projects you do and which you don't.

So far we have observed that:

Too many projects will bring you down

The odd one out

If you regularly drive to work, you’ll probably be all too familiar with roadworks. From your experience, which of the pictures below seems unusual?



Picture 3? It’s rare to see activity. From my car window, most roadworks seem sat idle, not a worker in sight.

Why is this?


Parallel vs Serial planners

Portfolio Management - The elephant in the room

Is this you?

You’re stretched across too many projects.

Not only that, but you’re frustrated that there are quite a few projects in the company that seem to have little benefit, and yet they just drift on.

Worse still, these projects tie up precious time and money that you believe could be diverted to something more worthwhile.


Market Place

See how the TIME - LOCATION - VIEW brings clearness to your work programmes
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