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Cost Engineer - Project Control, Descon Engineering Abu Dhabi, Shah Gas Development Project - Package 2&3

START Date: 
June, 2011
END Date: 
February, 2013
 Prepares Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)and Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS)and developLevel III & Lev IV Plan using Primavera and its updating with making Latest forecast plans Familiar with scope of work,  Budget, all relevant contractual documents and develop project costestimates to prepare Latest forecast at completion (BCTC). Monitoring the project actual progress based on COPR, P-6 and Descon Project Monitoring System(DPMS)for generating and distributing performance reports. Monitoring the project actual progress and the cost booked against it. Carry out EVM Technique,Investigate variances and report corrective / preventive actions to the Project Manager and ProjectControl Manager for further analysis/action. Generate regular Cost reports and monitor project cost reports to ensure consistency with the approvedproject budget base line. Doing Rate Analysis before award of a subcontract Job. Attends meetings with Project Managers, PMTs, and Accounts for the thorough review of contractdocuments. Indicates, on project completion, final actual income/costs/profit on the budget base framework. Preparation of Weekly and Monthly progress reports for the Client and Consultant Preparation of variation orders and claims in case of any change in scope of work by studyingcontractual documents. Prepares and identify likely costs and revenues, which are not considered during tender stage. Coordination with the various operations and support units to ensure timely and accurate cost data isavailable for preparation of cost reports. Participates and assists in the preparation of Project Material Monitoring Reports Verify and check Actual Costs received from Accounts through the Ledger Documents. Highlights cost overruns/ savings, investigate reasons, advises Project  Managers and recommendschange requests. Analyze cost and time impact due to any revision of schedule by the client or by the project team itself. Responsible to keep a sharp focus on revenue, work done, cost and cash flow through Project Analyticalstudies /performance report. Ensure actual booking in their respective Cost Centers and generate change requests. Monitoring of equipment and manpower deployment, their efficiencies and generating the requirementon the basis of scope of work. Monthly and weekly Targets assigning to the execution team for timely completion of works andmonitoring and controlling the project work. Preparation of Accruals and Verification of Contractors Invoices. Working out the updated requirements of materials and consumables and their timely indenting andmonitoring and controlling. Reconciliation of material and calculation  of wastages on  monthly basis and assist in developingprocurement management plan.
Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling): 
Experience Hours (Cost Management): 
Experience Hours (Forensic Analysis):