Project engineer, TRAGS engineering and contracting division, Procurement, Construction and Installation contract with RasGas

START Date: 
November, 2007

§  Spearheading efforts across the entire gamut of responsibilities including supervising of construction activities, installation, erection & commissioning of mechanical equipments.

§  Monitoring the project from start to finish and make any necessary changes along the way through change control process, ensuring swiftly ramping up of the projects within the pre defined time and budget parameters without compromising on safety, quality and environmental requirements.

§  Strategically plan, analyze & conceptualize the basic requirements while setting up the technical infrastructure of the project with cost efficiency, time management & manpower planning for the execution.

§  Defining scope of projects on the basis of processes, procedures, assumptions, requirements, risks and constraints while contributing to the project as the project architect and the areas of cost efficiency, time management & manpower planning for the project execution.

§  Formulating operational strategies for the quality function by carrying out long term and short term quality planning in line with the organization requirements, ensuring proper facilities across the units and projects for smooth operations.

§  Organizing regular inspections & meetings to ensure the established standards & procedures are complied with the set standards.

§  Coordinating with various departments & agencies to ensure smooth work progress and conceptualized and implemented measures for enhancing operational efficient and optimizing resource utilization.

§  Accountable for Material management and handling like loading, unloading and shifting of components and equipments to the project site for erection and commissioning.

§  Adept at performing root-cause analysis of defects while developing & improving the processes by taking corrective actions to prevent any reoccurrences & defective issues.

§  Accountable for floating tender enquiries to the various vendors & receiving the technical & commercial offers for the same & evaluation of the same for order finalization and preparation of the B.O.Q.

§  Carrying out site surveys and construct-ability reviews prior to commencement of projects. Planning and controlling project performance as measured against operating targets developed in initial stages.

§  Preparing method statements and analyzing the results of development phases to identify, recommend and implement more efficient methods of resource utilization.

§  Assisting in job costing, keeping track of change orders, and re-scheduling of various activities.

§  Preparing scope of work & scope matrix for finalization of various sub-contractors for site activities and ensuring resource mobilization (man & machinery) as per schedule and availability of work fronts at site by coordinating with other departments.

§  Reviewing site progress on daily & weekly basis through DPR and preparing all relevant reports right from commencement of the project to final close-out.

§  Ensuring to comply with corporate policies on environmental, health and safety in order to conform to government-mandated policies; maintained accident-free operation and achieve plant safety objectives.

§  Adept in ensuring Safety and observing physical conditions of work & work practices; adequate understanding in the areas of Work Place Safety, Process Safety Management.

Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling): 
Experience Hours (Cost Management):