Assistant Project Manager / Project Planner, Hijazi consaltancy, BIAL (bengaluru international airport limted ) india

START Date: 
April, 2010

  gProject Management 

§ Involved in Project Management at its Initiation, Mobilization, Planning, Execution and Closing 

§ Planning and scheduling all involved activities in the project 

§ Planning, Allocation, Leveling and Projection of Resources

§ Issuing Job Directive Information to the respective parties in the project at all stages 

§ Allotment of Men, Materials and Machines in day to day activities based on priority 

§ Coordination with Project Managers, Customer, Sub-Contractors and Suppliers 

§ Involved in determining the risks associated with the project during the construction phase


Site Project Planning, Scheduling and Monitoring 

§ Prepared Baseline program, macro & micro level executable plans, monitored projects from initiation to closing, prepared revision program, action plans and catch-up schedule 

§ Preparation of Baseline program, Work Breakdown Structure, milestones, Critical Path 

§ Micro level planning on daily/weekly/monthly basis

§ Tracking project with respect to Baseline and Milestones to the Actual Progress at site 

§ Ensure the completion of activity planned on the respective time 

§ Preparation of Action plan and Catch-up schedule if required 


Management Information & Presentation 

§ Preparation of EVA Reports, S Curve, Gantt charts, Reconciliation report, Variance Analysis  

§ Earned Value Analysis & Integrated S curve through excel and planning software 

§ Preparation and interpretation of Gantt chart with sequential activities 

§ Reconciliation of Resources, Productivity, Performance & Evaluation reports 

§ Determination of Cash Flow, Liquidity and Working Capital 

§ Preparation of reasons for deviation from planned activities to actual 

§ Presentation & Reports generation including Invoice Schedule, Performance Report, MoM etc 

Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling): 
Experience Hours (Cost Management):