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Projects Controlling Manager , MAKRO Cash & Carry EGYPT, owned by METRO Group Düsseldorf, Germany , Constructing International Wholesale Chain Stores

START Date: 
March, 2009



MAKRO Cash & Carry EGYPT, owned by METRO Group Düsseldorf, Germany.

March 2009 – Present





Projects Controlling Manager

Constructing New wholesale stores - Egypt


Job Description:


  • Managing the Procurement processes for the Construction & Equipment, negotiation with contractors, nominating the successful contractor & contract establishment with alignment with the legal department (FIDIC & Stand.),


  • Cost control, comparison between the budget baseline & the actual cost for the site activities with forecast ETC,


  • Detailed time schedule planning for the project activities with controlling the critical path during the execution.


  • Quality Control at the Execution phase according to Metro Group & the Egyptian specifications,


  • Preparing Status, Progress, Variance, EV & Trend Reports, presentations to the Expansion Director and the BOM.



Parsons Brinkerhoff (PB), Cardiff, UK.

August  2007 – February 2009





Works Supervisor Engineer

Solid Waste Management Project- South Sinai - Egypt

  Job Description:                                                                                       

  • Site works supervision according to the proposed drawings, specifications and common standards of quality.


  • Prepared project progress reports, and highlighted problem areas that could delay project completion, and suggested requirements that would lead to more efficiency and profitability.


  • Attendance at meetings and presenting of clear professional solutions, Contractual & financial status control.



Arab Consulting Engineers (MOHARRAM – BAKHOUM), Cairo, Egypt.

January 2004 - July 2007                                                                                      




Water, Drainage Engineer & Projects Management Coordinator


Job Description:

  • Designed and calculated open and closed irrigation channels “Pressurized”, culverts cross section, storm deck drainage, scour depth & methods of protection , lock chambers and barrages, and water shed discharge.
  • Prepared design phases, project schematics, methods of construction and Environmental studies.
  • Preparation of preliminary construction drawings, specifications & cost estimation.


  • Development, coordinate with the design teams & prepare environmental reports.


  • Prepared preliminary checking of the work's compatibility with applicable codes, and common standards of quality.
  •  Responsible for supervising designers, CAD team with preparation of Microsoft Presentations & CAD drawings.


March.2009 –  Ongoing                                                                           International Wholesale Chain Stores
Wholesale Stores (Egypt)   
Constructing and Operating number of chain stores in Egypt with gross area of 30,000 m2 per store including Steel Skelton, Electrical, HVAC, Refrigeration & cooling systems, Plumping & Firefighting systems, Security & building management Systems including purchasing and installing all the required equipments to operate the stores.

August.2007 – Feb. 2009                                                                                      Solid Waste Factories
Solid Waste Management (Egypt)   
Constructing 8 factories with area of 10,000 m2 per one including Material Recycling Facilities (MRF’s), Beduoin Foraging Facilities (BFF’s) and the rehabilitation of old dump sites and the preparation of new landfill sites for residual waste and C&D waste across South Sinai. “The Project Funded by European Union”.

May.2006 – July 2007                                                                                       Surface Irrigation Networks
West Delta irrigation Improvement (Egypt)   
Prepared conceptual design for the upgrade of irrigation in new land of the most northern part of the West Delta (210,000 ha) & also prepared conceptual design for supplying water to the new land reclamation (76,200 ha) Northern Al Sadat City. “The Project funded by The World Bank"

Feb.2007 – April 2007                                                                                       Urban HighwayDrainage
Agouna – Axim – Elubo Road 30 Km, Storm Drainage (Gambia)   
Prepared design network of drainage facilities for road deck pavement to protect the road from the rainfall & storm.

Oct.2005 – January 2007                                                                                    Under Pressure Networks
Closed Irrigation Networks of Al-Assi River Basin (Pressure Distribution) (Syria)   
Agriculture Area served (9200 ha).  Studied and evaluated existing open networks.  Changed open irrigation networks to closed irrigation networks (Pressurized networks) with an improved irrigation system.  Evaluated the water requirements of different crops.

May.2005 - Nov.2005                                                                                          Rural HighwayDrainage
Rehabilitation of Agona Junction-Albo Road 135 km, Storm Drainage (Ghana)  
Prepared an inventory of all existing culverts.  Identified all the major watercourses and studied their characteristics, and features from topographical maps.  Checked adequacy of the existing culverts.  Recommended improvements to theexisting culverts.  Recommended additional culverts where necessary, by using the latest version of (HEC).

From Feb.2005 to Dec.2005                                                                                Water Structure
Al -Abbasy New Head Regulator (Egypt)
Supervising design phases of barrage and preparing CAD drawings as required.
From Nov.2004 to Feb.2005                                                                                WaterStructure
Al-Mek-NimirBridge over Blue Nile (Khartoum - Sudan)
Preparation of scour analysis and spread sheets to calculate scour depth, pier stem protection of the Nile bed & bridge deck drainage facilities, by using latest version of Hydraulic Engineering Circular (HEC).

From Jun.2004 to Nov.2004                                                            Surface Irrigation and Drainage networks
Open Irrigation and Drainage networks (Republic of Gambia)  
Agriculture Area serving (1000 ha).  Designing canal and drain networks including, orifice, siphons, and culverts. Prepared general layout and details of irrigation and drainage networks (Roads, canals, and drains).  Prepared drawing for artificial works (Culvert, division box, retaining wall).  Calculated and prepared drawing profiles for network analysis

From Feb.2004 to Jun.2004                                                                              Water Structure
Maritime lock extension (Alexandria - Egypt)   
Designing Maritime Lock extension dimension in Alexandria, cross section in lock chamber, filling and empting system.  Prepared general layout of extension lock, general notes, general site information, culvert gates, stop logs & bollard.