Product Engineer, KLG Systel Limited, Multi Projects

START Date: 
September, 2006
END Date: 
November, 2007

•Worked with Primavera Project Planner for Enterprise P3e/c 5.0 Software for Implementing the Product to Various clients. •Setup the Primavera Software to Client as per the Corporate & Project requirements such as Standalone Installation & Concurrent Type Installation, Formatting Units, Dates, Currency, Profile, Calculation, filter, Group & Sort Setup. •Implementation of Primavera P3e 5.0 setup as per corporate project Setup requirement by client such as Structure the EPS, OBS, User defined, Calendar, Project Codes, Creating Resource & Role Master data, Resource codes, Budget estimation. •Implementation the Schedule such as Creating Project, Activity codes, Adding Activities, link the relationship, Assign resources, budget allocation, Milestone,Constraint,baseline setup, Earned value Analysis, Resource Usage Profile, Activity Usage Profile, Resources Curves, Bar Chart, Carry out physical progress, Actual updates ,Project layouts, Reporting Formats. •Upgrading new release version of the Primavera Software, Backup & Restore the Supported Database (SQL 2005, Orcale10G) •Handling the Corporate Primavera P3e/c 5.0 Software Training for various clients & reporting to Product Manager.