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Schedule Engineer, McCarthy Building Companies, Multiple Projects

START Date: 
January, 2001
END Date: 
February, 2011

Schedule Development

* Develop and evaluate proposal and bid schedules for feasibility and risk analysis.

* Participate in project kickoff and startup meetings.  Function as a facilitator and expeditor throughout the plan and schedule development process.

* Work with the project team to develop the Project Execution Plan and Baseline Schedule, and assist with the creation of the documentation as required to gain approval of Baseline Schedules.

* Obtain status of progress from project staff, input status into CPM, complete project schedule updates.

* Resource and cost load schedule activities in relation to the project estimate, and provide analysis on resource leveling.


Schedule Update / Analysis

* Analyze performance to date and forecast future performance.

* Identify and analyze potential risk events.

* Develop and implement Earned Value and/or productivity analysis systems.


Schedule Oversight

* Provide guidance and training to field schedulers and project staff.