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SENNIOR PLANNER, PACIFIC RUBIALES ENERGY, & Oil & Gas Projects 2) Buildings 3) Infrastructure

START Date: 
January, 2003




Industrial Engineer with 10 years of specific experience in project planning and control, Project Management Specialist, Magister Management in Oil and Gas Industry, all this with the approach PMI. Based on the above I have tools, knowledge and experiences that allow me to develop activities under the nine knowledge areas in all types of projects, I possess skills in coordination, organization and teamwork, data analysis, evaluation of the integral components of a project. I am a responsible, honest, committed, proactive with their obligations and most importantly willing to learning, growth and continuous improvement.






In the development of my professional life I have carried out activities that constitute or form part of the fulfillment of short and long term, these achievements are:

  • Implementation of an integrated quality Inelectra Barrancabermeja.
  • Development of project management process in projects ACI S: A
  • Development Control procedure Pacific Rubiales Energy Projects.
  • Preparation and updating of the matrix of roles and responsibilities for the process of Project Management in Pacific Rubiales Energy.
  • Development of communications matrix and communications plan for the process of Project Management in Pacific Rubiales Energy.
  • Updating the procedure of Major Projects Management under Model PMI, OPM3 in Pacific Rubiales Energy.
  • Updating and implementing the Fast Track methodology in project implementation, measured under the FEL model to Pacific Rubiales Energy.
  • Preparation of documents integral procedure pilots larger projects such as Decision Support Document, Project Execution Plan, maps landmarks, shopping maps, all conducted in Pacific Rubiales Energy.
  • Integrated Procedure Trainer projects with the Centre of Excellence for Pacific Rubiales Energy to the community of project management.






Experience in planning and control of projects such as: mechanical works, civil, electrical, maintenance, revamping, construction and installation of pumping stations, transfer lines, and cracking plants CPF's, electrical substations, in the oil and gas industry; knowledge in implementing a quality management system, coordinating logistics, procurement, design and control of engineering, all this under the software Primavera project 3,5,6 and additionally experience in management, monitoring and control of projects based on the methodology of the Project Management Institute (PMI).