PLANNING ENGINEER, Jurong Shipyard Pte Ltd, Maersk Convincer; Petrojack IV; Atwood Osprey; Seadrill West Elara

START Date: 
February, 2008
END Date: 
October, 2010

Schedule Setup

Setup Schedule based on Contract WBS in line with company planning policies and guidelines.

Usage of Manpower / KPIs to determine durations of activities and to plan for construction sequencing.

Setup of physical progress measurement using key measurables (Steel Tonnage / Pipe Spools / Cable Length / Termination points etc)


Schedule Analysis and Control / Problem Solving

Conduct weekly analysis of schedule (Float, Critical Path, Manpower, Resource)

Participate in constructibility studies to determine best route

Conduct analysis of subcontractor schedules for optimization.

Support Project Management Team by providing up to date forecasts and suggesting alternative plans.

Support Commercial Claims / Liquidated Damages Claims by providing schedule impact analysis.


Schedule Reporting

Submit Weekly & Monthly reports which include Manpower histograms / S-Curves / Progress Write-Up / SPI measurements

Create presentations for meetings with Senior Management / Clients for schedule reviews and planning workshops.

Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling): 
Experience Hours (Cost Management):