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Access and Logistics Manager, The Nichols Group, Victoria Line Upgrade Project

START Date: 
April, 2005
END Date: 
August, 2007

Access and Logistics Manager

Victoria Line Upgrade, Metronet (2005-2007)

Assigned within Metronet to work on the Victoria Line Upgrade project, the £850m project to upgrade all aspects of the line in time for the Olympics. Works include: Track, Signalling, Power and new Rolling Stock. Responsible for Line and Station closure negotiations and presentations at Metronet and London Underground Main Board level. Primary risk to the success of the VLU project was identified as access to the infrastructure. Set up and managed the Access and Logistics team comprising seven specialists to target the issue. Developed and implemented processes, initiatives and software applications to target issues and optimise the scarce access resource. Applications included: Strategic Access Planning Model using P3e, Line Closures Database, Engineering hours planning system, KPIs, project metrics, performance monitoring and Client reporting.