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Planning Engineer, Haji Hassan Group, Runway Resurfacing Bahrain International Airport

START Date: 
March, 2006
END Date: 
October, 2007

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Scheduling & Monitoring of the project- recording the progress,
  • Prepare hourly program for critical construction phase.
  • Prepare monthly, weekly, daily look-ahead programs,
  • Prepare Resource Histograms, KPIs,
  • Work out weight factors and generating Progress S-Curve,
  • Identify critical path and critical activities,



  • Runway Resurfacing Project – Bahrain International Airport - $ US 19 million

The work included:

  • Removal and Reconstruction in Pavement Quality Concrete of Runway Ends,
  • Removal and reconstruction in flexible concrete of all the existing taxiways,
  • Construction of two new taxiways,
  • Removal of existing air field lighting fittings and cables and installation of new fittings bases and cables including Category II approach lights, runway edge, center line and touch-down zone lights,
  • runway end and threshold lights taxiway center line lights, Stop bar,
  • Construction of new substation, Met farm,
  • Upgrade existing perimeter roads, Associated and ancillary works.

Upgrade Air Strip – Sakhir Air Base

  • The work included construction of new runway, taxiways, Apron, Terminal building and supporting structures for Royal family of Kingdom of Bahrain.

Local Road maintenance works-

  • prepare plans and progress reports.