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(Senior) Scheduler, AREVA, Nuclear replacement components

START Date: 
September, 2000
END Date: 
April, 2008

Scheduler -

Analyze the schedule in different scenario (what if? resource leveling, etc…)
Analyze critical path, crashing the program, float analysis etc… debug the program in different ways
Top Down estimation, Job Services, Claim digger, Publishing Schedules to the Web etc…
Cost loading, cash flow, forecasting and cost management
Resource loading and resource management including leveling to different scenario
Earned Value management and other management tracking system
Risk management, WP & docs, issues and thresholds, change management, etc…
Updating and monitoring the program (production steps, rules of credit etc…)
Baseline analysis and proper use of baseline and baseline management in P6
Interpreting program logic and proper handling of out of sequence activities in P6
Report capabilities including S-Curve, Histogram, look ahead, dashboard, helicopter view, management view, etc… including report writer, publishing.