Planning & Project Control Section Head, I have worked in many companies, my present Co. is CNPC(China National Petroleum Corporation)., I have worked in many projects. The present one is North Azadegan Oilfield Project.

START Date: 
January, 1991

1- Project Role: Planning & Project Control Specialist
Nearly thirteen years and eight months engineering experience of which the majority has
been spent in the office site. Skills include:
• Participating in three sessions of Joint Management Committee (JMC) meetings & issuing a
presentation for new proposed schedule (including S curves & other related information) to all
• Preparing finalized baseline schedule for the project in coordination with all technical departments.
Then, send it formally to the client to receive approval.
• Working closely with various internal departments and contractors for the development of the project
budgets and schedule.
• Managing to update the master WBS progress report & issuing it to one of my personnel for
preparation of the monthly report.
• Skill in using Primavera as a project planning tool.
• Ability to objectively report to senior management about potential risks to meeting the project
objectives and make any suggestion for mitigating these negative risks.
• Modifying the master WBS table with the related time schedule whenever the new information have
been received from technical departments.
• Preparing many flowcharts to show the process of various works inside the organization.
• Managing and coordinating to provide the construction weekly reports and issuing them to the Client
and my company managers.
• Participating in many interviews to employ new personnel for Planning Department.
• Checking many invoices from finance department & approving the correctness of the invoice.
• Managing to update the accrual financial progress tables for various contracts & submitting them to
finance department for their usage.
• Preparing the first EV curve for the project and updating it in monthly basis for mentioning in the
monthly report.
• Helping in updating and modifying the Planning & Project Control organization chart & issuing it to
the planning manager.
• Managing to provide the detail job description for various available Planning & Project Control
positions and issuing it to the planning manager.
• Comparing the available WBS table with the received CCCD tables. Then, creating more completed
WBS table based on CCCD new items.
• Studying civil drawings of a few well pads to identify the detail activities necessary to be mentioned
in the well pad’s time schedule. Then, to evaluate subcontractor’s time schedule based on this study.
• Preparation of daily, weekly, monthly, three monthly & yearly reports in agreed formats & based on
the client guidelines.
• Performing all calculations for contractor’s monthly statement (With suitable computer software).
• Monitoring and Controlling various Master Time Schedules (For instance with 8100 or 5100
activities) and issuing a status report.
• Using the CPM method (based on the agreed master time schedule) and issuing guidelines to the
management for compressing the schedule.
• Taking part in the meetings (With the presence of client and contractors Managers) & preparing
minutes of the meetings. Then follow up the items in the MOM’s for reaching to an answer or solution.
• Creating a database and the related software for final incoming drawings from our Tehran office &
updating the incoming drawings database. Then, the last revision of AFC drawings issued to
contractor for execution.
• Calculating the tonnage of steel structure of main process plant in coordination with related steel
structure engineer.
• Preparing weekly schedules (based on the master time schedule) then controlling & monitoring
these schedules for the project manager.
• Commenting on the time schedules received from subcontractors to have a finalized agreed
schedule for the remaining works of the project.
• Prepare Data Files for project material & finally preparing the list of Shortages.
• Corresponding with many subcontractors about their delays and answering their claims with regards
to the client and consultant responsibilities in causing delays.
• Preparing the three week look a head plan.
• Giving guidelines for preparation of Cash Flow for cost control department.
• Preparing detail schedule for sea water intake pumping station.
• Giving guidelines to schedulers for preparation & finalization a time schedule for each project.
• Preparing detail schedule for major electrical, piping and pipeline works of a plant to produce
Aluminium from Alumina & Coke.
2- Project Role: Construction Project Coordinator
Nearly four years engineering experience of which all of it has been spent in the office site.
Skills include:
• Coordinating with different contractors to prevent from any clashes in construction works.
• Coordinating with material department to fix the necessary material delivery dates somehow not
causing any delay in construction works.
• Working as an expeditor to push the contractor for completing the works & help to eliminate the
obstacles of construction works.
• Coordinating with different contractors to prevent from any clashes in construction works with other
projects in Mobin (Like Offsite, Waste water treatment plant, Incineration plant &…)
• Giving guidelines to schedulers & quantity surveyors for preparation of daily, weekly and monthly
reports helpful in coordinating the site activities.
• Taking part in daily & weekly coordination meetings & discussing the existing problems in the project
and also the time schedule.
• Calculating the necessary manpower till the end of project
• Preparing & sending letters to different contractor for mentioning their delays & the need to
expediting the works.
• Preparing procurement report & working to coordinate it with construction schedule.
3- Project Role: Maintenance Planning Engineer
Nearly two years engineering experience of which all of it has been spent in the office site.
Skills include:
• Preparing planning packages for plant shut down (Including blinding list, inspection & repair
schedule, scaffolding table &…).
• Controlling Mainta preparation activities (Actually I prepared a schedule, table & S.Curves for this
purpose at the first step, then I did control these activities by a predefined workflow).
• Distributing job between the planning technicians & supervising them to complete each job accurate
& on time.
• Preparing Training Schedule for a number of Methods section personnel.
• Entering some of the work requests in Mainta software & process them until issuing the work orders.
• Preparation of daily work order reports & taking part in daily coordination meetings, with the
presence of all French supervisors.
• Managing and distributing the incoming work requests between planning technicians & following
these work requests till creating the work orders and issuing them to the related maintenance
disciplines for execution.
• Studying and searching to find a necessary technical document of each work order, then print and
attach it to the work order for issuing to the related discipline.