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Consultant Planning Engineer, Saudi Consolidated Enginering Co. (SCEC-Khatib and Alami), High Rise Buildings, Complex Warehouse, Schools and Aviation

START Date: 
August, 2010

A.Tasked as consultant in Reviewing, approving and implementing Consortium Contractor project Plan and Schedule which are but not limited to:

  • Permit application and issuance, if applicable.
  • Initial set-up and mobilization.
  • Fabrication and delivery information.
  • Check and approved activity resource assignment, resource budgeted units and resource units per time.
  • Procurement, including pre-purchasing of specialty and long lead items.
  • Shop drawings, samples, mock-ups, and other submissions (together with allowance for review, rejections and follow-up re-submittals).
  • Material deliveries specifically the major materials and Long Lead items.
  • Testing and inspection.
  • Procurement of government approval for occupancy or usage, if required.
  • Turnover to Owner or Owner’s Representative.
  • Punch lists, adjustments and other corrective action.
  • Record submissions (as-built, valve charts, O&M Manuals, Instructions, Guarantees, Warrantees, etc.).

B. Assist construction contractor to attain weekly look-ahead targets.

C. Conduct progress meeting to interact with contractors pertaining project issues and ingrain with solutions obstructing project progress.

D. Monitors Contractors Schedule Performance Index and Earned Value against Plan or scheduled activities (activities along the critical path), flagging vital issues affecting progress, monitors interaction and coordination with concurrent or precedent work by others, phasing, logical sequence of activities, out-of-sequence or comeback work, and other special project requirement.

E. Advising construction contractor to enhance the schedule if necessary by presenting data in another form if such supplemental data is not suitable for disclosure within a scheduling format.  These forms may include bar charts, tabular summaries, text, network diagrams, flowcharts, and other graphic.

F. Point out critical path and areas of concern.

G. Check and review the most appropriate method and sequence of construction operations
prepared by the contractor for a particular project, in conjunction with the Project Manager.

H. Check and approve the appropriate techniques and sequence of events selected by the Consortium Planning Department

I. Review and approve schedules of work with visual aids such as bar charts and procedures diagrams.

J. Monitor progress throughout the construction process and comparing this with the projected baseline schedule of work.

K. Check and approve the periodical reports to the client showing the projects’ status in co-ordination with the Planning Engineer and the Project Manager.

L. Review and approve requirements of each project with regards to organizations and planning & scheduling.

M. Regularly review planning and scheduling of work on current projects to ensure that activities are effectively planned, resourced and completed.

O. Maintain awareness of major client requirements for planning and scheduling services.

P. Report directly to Clients Project manager (PMC-Hill International).