Infra Structure Director – Project Manager for Site Evaluation and Site Characterization Work, Jordan, Jordan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC) – Amman, Jordan Nuclear Power Plant Project

START Date: 
April, 2015

1.    Manage tender process, prepare project controle  documents such as but not limited to project implementation plan , audit review, and liaising with the consultants during project stages.

2.    project management activities during project life cycle.

3.    Project Quality Controle

4.    Controlling of projects contractual,Financial and time aspects.

5.    Prepare specific/monthly reports including risk register.

6.    Review  consultants monthly reports,schedules ,and technical reports

7.    Chair meetings with all stakeholder.

8.    Head of National committee for the project

Project Brief:

The Jordan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC) has signed 13 million U$ contract with an international consulting engineering Korean company KEPCO Engineering & Construction Company, Inc.  (KEPCO  E&C)  to conduct a detailed site evaluation and characterization of the selected preferred site area for the first  2000MWe Nuclear Power Plant(s) in Jordan