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Projects Manager, Arab Consultants Bureau, JORDAN RUSSIAN ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS ( JRESCO) Co. LTD Industrial Complex Project RPG-32

START Date: 
September, 2010
END Date: 
November, 2012


1.    Assimilation of project data and information

2.    Conducting the prequalification of contractors and supervision consultants

3.    Prepare request of proposal (RFP) and contracts

4.    Manage tender process, prepare preconstruction documents such as but not limited to project execution plan (PEP),construction document audit review, and liaising with contractor and supervision consultant during construction stage

5.    project management activities during construction

6.    Controlling of projects contractual.

7.    Financial and time aspects.

8.    Prepare specific/monthly reports including risk register.

9.    Review contractor and consultants monthly reports.

10.Chair meetings with all stakeholders.

Project Brief:

(JRESCO) Industrial Complex with 13M JD has the following project characteristics:

Projects site area:   451,000 m2, location in Alzarqa, have gross building construction Area of 15870 m2

Buildings includes steel structure factory (6440 m2), stone façade administration & Dormitory buildings (3580 m2) concrete warehouses (3950m2) , logistic buildings (1900m2) including roads, side pavement’s & parking area (44000m2) with all infrastructure including water and waste water, electrical lights and soft current and security networks, firefighting systems networks, and soft landscaping.