road maintenance advisor, resident engineer, contracts specialist, consultant, project management unit - adb assisted projects, ministry of infrastructure, east timor, roads and transport

START Date: 
February, 2011

Professional responsibilities include investigations, feasibility studies, preparation of technical proposals, design and contract administration, quality control and project management of Urban and Rural Highways.  Well versed in the preparation of Bidding Documents adopting International Financing Institution’s Bidding Documents and FIDIC Conditions of Contract suitable for International Competitive Bidding (ICB) including the preparation of all necessary supplementary and/or special technical specifications for the items of work determined for each civil work contract, computation of all quantities for each contract, preparation of Bill of quantities, preparation of  specifications for environmental mitigation measures for specific item of work or methods of construction, measurement and payment under each contract, detailed analysis of all applicable unit prices for each contract using current cost indices, rates, including analysis of recent ICB bid prices in the country.