Director, Consultant, Order Efficiency Ltd, Project Health Control service Roll-out

START Date: 
July, 2008

Order Efficiency is the sole provider of a unique management service that improves the time to complete projects considerably. Project Health Control is a service completely new to industry and we are launching it against a background of successful part implementations on a wide range of high profile projects like OKLNG, WLGP and USAN.

The venture was started as an official service provider by trial alignment with an Indigenous Nigerian Co Contracted to Cameron/Total (Nigeria). With responsibility for general management of a newly formed Lagos Office, I adopted a role as Project Manager for the USAN project that involved liaison between Client Company (Cameron) and control of workload for 22 engineering staff. Implemented an incentives scheme that increased weekly project revenue by 43% over 3 weeks and a Deliverables Tracking database for the projects engineering documents - part of a Project Health Control system.