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START Date: 
June, 2017
  • Using Primavera P6 / M.S Project for scheduling and reporting of project
  • Understand and comply with tender or contract requirements
  • Set up the WBS (and EPS or OBS where appropriate)
  • Develop the schedule, including resources and costs
  • Set the baseline, Maintain and progress the schedule
  • Report on the time aspects of the project
  • Visualise and report on buffers / contingencies
  • Create S-curves
  • Perform critical path analysis
  • Create resource histograms and analyse
  • Producing Visual aids to help explain the schedule of Work
  • Keeping in Contact with Project Manager, Making adjustments to Schedule
  • Identifying the best series of events in the correct order for the project to finish on time and on budget
  • Presenting the schedule of work to others in the company and the client organisation involved with the project
  • Ensuring that all the separate elements of the project fit together and are working towards a common aim
  • Liaising with individuals on the project (who may be in another country) via video conference
Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling): 
Experience Hours (Cost Management): 
Experience Hours (Forensic Analysis):