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Area Project Manager, Focus Project Management/Loliwerail Solutions, Sectional Handover Phase 1 and 2 for refurbishment - Transnet Freight and Rail

START Date: 
February, 2014
END Date: 
March, 2015

FOCUS PROJECT MANAGEMENT- Project Manager (February 2014 to March 2015)

  • Continuous application of the nine (9) knowledge of PMBOK on every project throughout the project life cycle.
  • Reviewed and approved of deliverables prepared by team before communicating such to client.
  • Developed skills in self and others and transfer specialist knowledge and skills to others.
  • Arranged and chaired project meetings.
  • Monitored and managed project scope, cost and quality.
  • Developed project action registers for professional team to implement; monitor and report back to Senior PM.
  • Monitored project performance against objectives and report to the Senior PM.
  • Compiled and issued contract instructions.
  • Liaised with the professional team on a regular basis to resolve any issues regarding the project.
  • Monitored and controlled project performance against project deliverables / objectives.
  • Controlled, managed and coordinated main contractor and sub-contractors duties
  • Managed communication with project stakeholders
  • Identified project risks and mitigate
  • Contract management i.e. deliverable, BOQ, extension of time, claims etc.
  • Managed and controlled project deliverables
  • Managed stakeholder relationships
  • Managed and coordinated overall project administration i.e. minutes, programme, early warnings meeting, NEC 3 etc.
  • Issued and managed change control process
  • Issued Project Management instructions and Subcontractor appointments
  • Planned, coordinated and managed procurement process
  • Managed , issued and controlled project documents
  • Managed conflict
  • Initiated project control manuals i.e. timesheets, communication manual etc.
  • Developed, updated and managed project schedules
  • Develop , update and manage project controls manual
  • Sign off all project payments ( check submission of payment against progress on site)
  • Planned, assigned, schedule and supervise the work of labourers.
  • Prepared and distributed monthly reports
  • Managed and facilitated contract evaluation against claims and contract deviation
  • Document control management – issuing and reviewing of feasibility studies documents, numbering system control etc.
  • Set- up project checklist and kick off meeting
  • Compiled detailed work program, monitor progress and conduct regular updates on the program.
  • Compiled snag lists prior to Architect’s inspections, issue to subcontractors for execution and monitor progress.
  • Liaised with Architects and structural engineers on a regular basis to resolve any issues regarding the project.
  • Ensured that the construction site is a safe work environment by compiling daily supervisor task inspection (DSTI) reports and recording and rectifying near misses.
  • Leading project teams in the delivery of client requirements from inception to completion.
  • Coordinating and managing all project activity, & ensuring project deliverables are achieved to plan.


  • Sectional Handover Phase 1 and  2 for refurbishment -  Transnet Freight and Rail
  • Practical completion for a Club House  - Client City of Tshwane
  • Quality control systems  approved for managing documents – Prasa ( Incab signalling)
  • Approval of the incab inception report
Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling): 
Experience Hours (Cost Management):