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Senior Planning Manager - PMO (Dubai Metro and Tram O&M), Transport BU, Serco, Several Rail Transport Projects across Middle East

START Date: 
April, 2015

Initially appointed as the Planning Manager, Program Management Office (PMO) – Dubai Metro and Tram O&M Contract to spearhead the planning, reporting and programme development functions of PMO, later promoted to Senior Planning Manager to lead the planning and reporting activities for ongoing/upcoming rail projects in the Middle East.


In current role, spearhead the strategic planning, rail operational readiness & mobilisation programme development and delivery, support the respective Contract Director to deliver the contractual requirements, implement Change Management process in new contracts, established project controls and PMO Reporting standards for rail projects across Middle East. In addition to this, the secondary responsibility is to work as ‘Planning Specialist’ to develop tender schedules, transition solution, project management plan (PMP) and project execution plan (PEP) on behalf of Central Business Development team of Serco Middle East Division.


Doha Metro & Lusail Tram – Qatar Rail O&M Contract Mobilisation / Transition Preparation                         Feb 2017 – Ongoing

·   Post submission of Qatar Rail O&M Bid, Serco has been emerged as one of the shortlisted contender in Feb 17. Since then as part of transition project (Project Rolling Thunder) team, I have been assigned to work as ‘Programme Manager’ with newly appointed Rail Transition Director to initiate pre-contract commencement transitioning work under Serco Governance Framework (SMS)

·   Part of my role, started working on workforce transition preparation project for Qatar Rail O&M contract; spearheaded the development of integrated transition programme to deliver mobilization and operation readiness for newly built rail system.

·   Supported Transition Director to launch the Transition Operating Model (based on Capability Integration Approach) and Delivery Framework for “Project Rolling Thunder”, liaising and following up with critical support service functions (HR, Procurement, F&L)

·   Converted submitted bid programme into integrated master schedule (using Primavera P6, R.16.1) captured work stream activities; key milestones, dependencies and interfaces associated with respective work stream capabilities.

·   Liaise with respective discipline (Work Streams) Project Managers to assist in solution delivery within time and resource allocated.

·   Set up reporting systems and project controls (weekly dashboards and monthly program reporting to Transport Executives/BLRT)

·   Participated in many work stream discussions and DiLO Workshop (1st 90 days boots on the Sands) to develop transition workflow process, dependency mapping to identify the critical works to be executed from preferred bidder announcement.

·   Reviewed the Staff requirements for 1st 90 days (as submitted in bid proposal), agree the realistic resourcing deployment plan with business to launch the mobilisation, set up reporting system to update the Transport Executives on resourcing and recruitment.

·   Currently working on programme risk management framework; studying risk management process and schedule risk analysis system implementation using Active Risk Manager (ARM) for rail transition, supporting Rail Safety Director to develop ‘threat vs. consequences’ diagram for major transitional risks using Bow-Tie XP Software.


Integrated Facility Management Tender – UK Ministry of Defense                                                                             Dec 2016 – Feb 2017

Played the role of “Transition Planning and Solution Specialist” for integrated FM bid spearheading the:

·   Developed detailed mobilization solution and service delivery; integrated master schedule using Primavera P6 for UK defence bases in Afghanistan, Iraq, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and UAE.

·   Liaised with Finance Bid Modular, explained technical nitty-gritty of mobilization solution; delivery approach and development of 'Transition Price Model', participated in solution review meetings and Blackhat meeting to present the mobilization solution.


Metro and Light Rail Tendering – Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of Rail Networks                                    Apr 2016 – Nov 2016

Played the Subject Matter Expert (Transition Planning Specialist) role for two major Rail O&M Bids in Qatar (Doha Metro and Lusail Tram) and KSA (Riyadh Metro - 5 packages with two (2) price options in each package)

·   Led the Planning and Reporting during Doha Metro and Lusail Tram bid (Qatar Rail); developed transition workflow to introduce new system of services, detailed Mobilisation Solution Planning, Workforce plan (bottom up estimate for headcount level), training delivery schedules - prepared presentations for Serco Governance Board, participated in solution validation meetings (black hats)

·   Created the transition workflow for Riyadh Metros Bid; identified and explained silent contractual points for mobilization planning to the bid team and acted as the critique for bid schedule which was developed by the planner


Transport Contracts - Planning and Project Controls, Reporting and Governance |          Apr 2015 – Mar 2016

Led Planning and Project Controls activities for Transport Contracts in the region (Qatar, KSA and UAE) as follows:               

Shadow Operator Consultancy (SOC) Services – Qatar Rail |                                                              Doha, Qatar

  1. Led the development of cost and resource loaded Baseline Schedule (in P6) with service delivery programme narrative, Project Execution Plan and establish the ‘Project Control and Reporting Process’ in accordance with QRC requirements.
  2. Developed and implemented centralized part-time Resource Management Model; managing and executing the rail consultancy projects (Shadow Operations) and service delivery throughout the Middle East
  3. Implemented progress reporting using Earned Value Management (EVM); established/monitored SPI and CPI, reported against agreed monthly KPI’s
  4. Successfully developed and managed O&M employer requirements advice tracker for weekly progress reporting
  5. Played an ardent role of interface coordinator during project closeout phase; developed closeout plan and involved in delivering the close out tasks for SOC project in accordance with Serco Management Systems

Management and Technical Services Contract (Hybrid O&M) Services – Saudi Arabian Railways | Riyadh, KSA

  1. Led the development 5-year Master Programme for Service Delivery of long distance high speed rail project; securing prestigious Management and Technical Assistance Contract (Hybrid O&M) for Saudi Arabian Railways (SAR); provided Interim Management for North-South Railways (circa 1350 Km on 2 main lines) between Riyadh and Al Hadith (near Jordon border).
  2. Developed several transition and mobilisation programme schedules using P6 - SAR Contract Programme (AL SHIRAKA Y1 TRANSITION Programme)” for Service Delivery and Performance Reporting, ‘Integrated Passenger Delivery Programme (IPDP)” to launch Ph.1 Operational Services, ‘Technical Content Deliverables (TCD)’ programme to manage delivery of the SOPPs, Operational Procedure and Work Instructions (by Off-shore shared service resources) within challenging timeframe.
  3. Involved in demonstrating and establishing the fact to the employer (SAR) that, a delay to passenger services is inevitable in lieu of external dependency on rail infrastructure, rail system readiness, and successfully obtained extension of time.
  4. Developed the revised baseline schedule for IPDP using Primavera (P6) EPPM reanalyzing various dependency logics and work sequences in order to reflect the appropriate realistic timeline to phase wise commencement of passenger services.

Dubai Metro and Tram (O&M Contract) |                                                                                                  Dubai, UAE

Accountable for managing the planning and reporting team to deliver multiple annual enhancement projects; maintenance of projects  under the 2nd term Concession Agreement (CA) – as per Dubai Metro and Tram Contact

¨Planned works for introduction of new Rail Road Multi-Purpose Vehicle (RRMPV) for new asset maintenance regime

¨Installed condition monitoring system; facilitated the performance monitoring of key capital assets to improve reliability measure of critical rail operational assets located in remote places          

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