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Project Controls, Budget and Administration, Haydon MEP LLC, Masdar Institute of Science & Technology

START Date: 
October, 2016
END Date: 
March, 2017

Project Cost Control Manager Haydon Mechanical & Electrical Contractor LLC  Project Cost Control Manager Haydon Mechanical & Electrical Contractor LLC  

  • Assigned at DIP fabrication yard office supporting various management roles function on business unit divisions Haydon gulf, Haydon modular, ELV, Facilities and Home Care, Construction support divisions and shared G&A services operations.
  • Initiated Haydon gulf system management SOP following HQ SOP format. Created new procedures for the groups, PC file management system.
  • Project setup initialization, project reporting formats, report trackers and miscellaneous dashboard reports for modular and ELV divisions.
  • Assisted the facilities management, CAFM software Urbanized to clean up old and inactive accounts and customized data for home care team, formulated excel report for call center team for daily, weekly and monthly bar graphs.
  • Resurrected the Haydon home care website by remodeling the landing pages and inserted new art works, promotional ad campaigns, application integration on email, and published landing pages on line to generate sales lead.
  • Assisted in modifying web base application for Google ad words for homecare website to match and modify key word for maintenance and repairs-by dong random key word search showing many hits, created additional categories for Home and Gardens.
  • Responsible for group monthly Project report, consolidation of individual progress slides for each division and submit to division head for board pack presentation.
  • Other roles included field project roaming assignment, preparing short term P6 schedules for variation work, project control assistance, cash flow forecast, dashboard reports and misc. progress trackers.
  • Developed and prepared level one and level two tender schedules for estimating and procurement department.
  • Reformatted and generated new procurement tracker report to monitor pre and post order.
  • Created a large pivot table database from SAGE purchase order export files for quick search on the ideal price rate for bid tabs price comparison sheets.
Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling): 
Experience Hours (Cost Management):