Startup Evangelist, Microsoft, Co-working space

START Date: 
March, 2016
END Date: 
November, 2016

Startup Evangelist


I managed the Microsoft Flux community co-working space. I was responsible for events, content, communications, including social media and presentations of the space, startups, community management both internally and externally, the in-house startup program and coaching the startups. The job included a coordinating an event space with around 100 daily co-working visitors and around 8 events per week. I excelled in all of metrics, and my numbers went beyond what was expected. I acted as a link between Microsoft and the startup community in Finland, and reported to different stakeholders in Finland, EMEA and United States. The space was built from the scratch during my time and is highly successful with more than 1000 visitors a month, and over 50 events within few months.

Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling): 
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