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Tender Planning Manager, Jan De Nul, Besix, Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link Tunnel Project

START Date: 
January, 2014
END Date: 
August, 2015

On the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link project (Denmark) which is an immersed tunnel in the Baltic Sea hence providing a direct link to by railway and highway between Hamburg to Copenhagen. The fixed linked under the Fehmernbelt will be one of the world’s longest car drives through a tunnel. 

Reporting to the Project Director

In charged of the time planning and management for the 3 main contracts which are the Tunnel Dredging and Reclamation and the construction of the Tunnel North and South with Immersia [consortium Jan De Nul, Besix and Fcc] during the tender stages.

◊ Development of the project EPC schedules for the different contracts 
◊ Interface Milestones Management with others contracts and owner
◊ Resources Loading & Optimization (Labour, Equipment, Materials) 
◊ Optimization and visualization of the linear activities with the Time Location Diagram (TILOS)
◊ Critical Paths Analysis
◊ Schedule Risk Analysis & What-If Analysis with mitigation plans implementation
◊ Cost Loading and definition of the Payment Milestones to identified to time-phased budget and cash flow
◊ Link with the BIM Model to develop the 4D Planning
◊ What-if Analysis for cost savings 

Managed to stay in the tender process by delivering high quality and expanding the responsibilities during the assignment

Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling):