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Integration Planning Manager (Complete Park Project),, CH2M Hill, LAING O ROURKE, Mace JV (CLM &ODA), London 2012 Olympics Park Projects

START Date: 
December, 2009
END Date: 
December, 2011

Structures, Bridges & Highways (Stadium Bridges & Rail Bridges)

This involved the management of Balfour Beatty while designing & Installed 7 Bridges, 2 of which were Rail over Bridges and 5 Land Bridges surrounding and leading into the Olympic Stadium. Elements of Bore & Sheet piling, Earth nailing, and caged re-enforcement where involved. In addition to abutment walls and extensive earthworks to move contaminated soil to the wash plant prior to clean material Type 1 being re-supplied to ensure we maintained our environment friendly standards. There was an additional challenge constructing the underground high voltage tunnels that where drilled out with a Tunnel Boring Machine and all UK Power Networks that ran on Pylon’s where diverted underground to allow the Olympic park footprint to remain obstruction free.


  • Manage contractor and period end submission programme reviews
  • Evaluate, Analyse, and implement programme compensation events on behalf of Project in line with NEC3 contract clause parameters
  • Interface with Rail Operators to negotiate track possession worksites arrangements for disruptive planned works
  • Analyse, Comment and implement required changes to programmes submitted for Acceptance
  • Lead contract recovery programme implementation reviews
  • Coordinate and participate in weekly onsite management of 4 weekly planning reviews & interface issues to resolve conflicts
  • Carry out regular What If analysis to determine integration interfaces between contractor and 3rd parties (Utilities, Landscaping, Logistics)
  • Manage monthly EV forecast reporting based on contractor's progress to date at period end review stage.
  • Coordinate strategy "Think Tank" meetings to resolve delay/interface issues as required to maintain contractors focus on productivity so as to achieve KPI's
  • Weekly project management construction team overview and actions/close out's required.
  • Physical onsite presence and monitoring of day to day progress.

Integration Planning Manager (Complete Park Project)

The requirement to establish and create an integrated schedule that was made up of 42 sub programmes that covered the entire Olympic Park. Leading a Team of Integration Planners and working directly with Project integration and planning team’s l developed and interlinked the delivery programme for the CLM presentation to the ODA. The works involved dealing with various interfaces with associated detailed site visits to overcome potential clashes. Namely Road, Bridge, Underground drainage construction, Security Fencing, Perimeter security intrusion prevention systems, Rail bridges, and others to name a few.

  • Team leadership of the Project Programme integration planning process and logistical interface throughout the entire park schedule between multiple projects.
  • Analysing forward & Backward pass programme slippage effects
  • Identify Coordination impacts of Park site planned works and project handover database for contractor site availability / PC Nomination
  • Contribute to Integration coordination workshops, in order to maintain logical access and interface between multiple on site access requirements.
  • Build & Interrogate multiple “What-If” P6 schedules with Integration Team so as to propose best logical sequencing of works while maintaining minimal delay / contractor delay impact.
  • Collaborate & Generate with Integration Planning team reports for issue to Exec committee that highlight urgent remedial action requirements as well as recommendations for what options are available.
  • Integrate & Coordinate with Planning Manager to cleanse schedule of rouge logic, constraints, scope gaps, and actions for planners to address.
  • Identify future potential delay issues and put into action pro-active preventative/improvement changes to schedules for planners to remedy.
  • Address park logistical access to & from venues as well as interface with Utilities/Highways & Structures between the respective venues.
  • Address specific project logical Workshops to assist / recommend improvements to tier 1 contractor programmes in order to recover / minimise slippage.
Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling): 
Experience Hours (Cost Management): 
Experience Hours (Forensic Analysis):