Bids Cost estimator/planner, Cost control, contract administration, Claims, Precomprimido C.A., Road construction, water potabilization plant, hospital structure, Viaduct

START Date: 
June, 2015

Precomprimido C.A.  2007 to date

Head of the Planning and Cost department

During this period, bid and won four projects of wich three are finished and one that is actually under construction:

Under construction:

-       Av Boyacá-Autopista La Guaira connection. With three mayor components: 2.800m Tunnel, 1.500m Viaduct and the road link between them. Precomprimido, as part of the Consortium, is in charge of the construction of the Viaduct



-       Adult Cardiologic Hospital in Caracas. Phase 1. Infraestructure.

-       Water Treatment Plant in Cerro de Cochinos (Maracaibo). With capacity to provide fresh water up to 900.000 persons.

La Flecha – Bruzual Highway (Acarigua) with 6km length, it includes the construction of the embankment, drainage works and the construction and reconstruction of four bridges

Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling): 
Experience Hours (Cost Management):