Planning & Project Control Engineer, Statoil ASA, Visund Nord Subsea Production System ; Visund Sør Subsea Production System ; •Stjerne Subsea Production System ; •Vilje Sør Subsea Production System ; •Svalin Subsea Production System ; •Johan Sverdrup FE

START Date: 
November, 2011
END Date: 
December, 2014

·    Responsible for all Project Control activities within the Contract, and ensure consistent and uniform performance according to governing documents, requirements and “Best Practice” within SDT Project Control.

·    Ensure that Contractors reporting, planning and progress are according to the Contract requirements. Make sure that Sub Contractor’s schedules are available and support Contractors overall baseline plan.

·    Participate in Risk Review Meetings and make sure that the risks are reflected in the cost forecasting process.

·     Close contact with the Company Rep. and Contract Rep. to ensure the cost and schedule are regularly updated.

·     Responsible for collection of monthly cost and progress information and prepare a total monthly project cost status (commitment, forecast, VOR/Growth and contingency utilization) including variance analysis and trend analysis.

·    Initiate and chair monthly review meetings with Project Manager, Company Rep. and Contract Rep to forecast future cost and plan development of the Contract. 

·    Assist and support the Contract Responsible in negotiations and development of Variation Orders and other commercial issues.

·    Contribute to Close out of the Contract, and prepare Final Account.

Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling): 
Experience Hours (Cost Management): 
Experience Hours (Forensic Analysis):