PLANNING ENGINEER, Arabtec Construction L.L.C., Sewerage Pumping Station

START Date: 
June, 2017
  •        Develop the detailed baseline programme with resource and cost loaded.
  •       Collecting and compiling of project progress data from respective engineers.
  •       Preparation and reporting of Extension of Time Claim with detailed analysis of Events, their cause and effects.
  •       Preparation of weekly/Monthly Progress reports with Variance (Planned V/s Actual), KPI & Milestones Delays.
  •       Tracking Engineering, procurement & Construction progress, Update Programme, Monitoring KPI’s, forecasting trends.
  •        Monitoring of site resources on weekly basis.
  •        Monitor critical activities based on the project schedule and advise project management.
  •         Attend progress meetings with employer (client/customer), address key progress issues and provide feedback/reports to project team.
  •         Conduct meetings with subcontractors, address all progress related issues raised by subcontractors, review and monitor performance of subcontractors on a weekly basis.
  •          Analyze gaps between the planned and actual progress and highlight the areas of concern which required action of the associate task member.
  •          Develop and implement plan versus actual progress charts (histograms/S curves). Reports and analyses deviations from plan.
  •          Maintaining a track of all variations & submission of EOT Claim for each Milestone.
  •         Preparation of lookahead programme for individual sections.
  •         Develop target/revised programmes, forecast and KPIs whenever required by the Managers.
  •          Perform all activities in compliance with the company Health, Safety and
  •          Environmental Management Systems (HSEMS) and the assigned specific


  •          Comply with and implement and local laws and Client requirements related to Health, Safety and Environmental aspects at work place as per the bestowed authority and responsibility.     
Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling): 
Experience Hours (Cost Management): 
Experience Hours (Forensic Analysis):