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The Butterfly Effect and How It Will Impact Your Project

Previously, we have discussed how schedule pressure and various schedule compression techniques may manifest themselves unpredictably and with adverse effect on the project. When pondering this correlation it might be comforting to recall the age old adage of, “haste makes waste”; my grandfather would always postulate. He would know. As a mechanical engineer working on high risk projects including the NASA Space Shuttle, to him it was important that it be done right the first time and every time. This precluded cutting corners to save time, especially with lives at stake.

Why your Project Team must be Commercially Aware

Many years ago I worked on an EPCM project for a major Tier 1 client.  Like most companies we were always told that we had to keep the client happy.  Client satisfaction was key!  One particular young engineer took this to heart.  If the Client’s team wanted some minor design change he was happy to oblige, after all they were the Client.  The trouble was, once the package was release

Project Controls vs Project Accounting - What's the Difference?

In my career, I've worked across multiple industries and companies and one thing that stands out is the confusion surrounding the function of Project Controls and what it is meant to achieve.  There are Project Accountants, administrators or finance personnel who “do a bit of Project Controls” however, they are actually just producing monthly project financial reports, invoices and cash flows which are only some of the functions that Project Controls is meant to accomplish.


Anyplan is a new approach to integrated Planning and Scheduling. Anyplan is the first professional planning system designed to work across the domains of project management, maintenance, supply chain and manufacturing.

Phoenix Project Manager

Phoenix Project Manager is an easy to use construction project management system.  Phoenix helps project managers, schedulers and the rest of the project team streamline managing projects.  Phoenix seamlessly integrates with traditional scheduling tools like Primvare P6 and Microsoft Project to extend schedule management to the entire project team.

My Project Is Making No Progress!

I had a situation recently where a client stated that despite his people working as fast and seemingly efficiently as they could, he was seeing next to no progress reflected in his performance reporting, his end date was pushing out, his efficiency was down, people were asking questions.

"The Project Must Be Finished On This Date - Or Else!"

These are words of desperation, a client or senior manager who's got his back to the wall.

I was faced with this exact situation on a consulting job a few weeks back, the business owner, facing heavy penalties for late delivery was desperate for answers and didn't know a better way to react.

Unfortunately, what he hoped were a matter of weeks to completion, in my mind were more like months to completion! Surely he could see that?

White paper on resource management

A free white paper from Asta on ways to help manage resourcing is available now. Visit to download your copy and see practical steos you can take to improve resource management

The Most Overlooked Total Installed Cost (TIC) Items - An Integrated Consulting Article

Project estimating is one of the most critical components of PM. Done well, an accurate estimate helps to ensure project success. Done poorly, or not at all and the project can incur significant impacts. As important as Total Installed Cost (TIC) is to the success of a project, there are areas that are often overlooked in the estimates.

EVM Utilized Effectively-An Integrated Consulting Article

Proper execution of projects is often hampered by inadequate planning during the initiation phase, which evolves into plans which cannot be managed effectively during execution. However, even when the planning process is successful, and what is assumed to be a well derived plan is established, project management can still be ineffective. This is typically the result of not having the capability to accurately monitor and control schedule and/or cost.

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