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My name is Ndipmong Monday Jackson, I am also known as a makeover agent, an award winner for excellence leadership through which I live and work with purpose and passion. I helped people to realize their top challenge, focused on the worthwhile, completed the incomplete, I expanded my knowledge, skills, experience and capabilities and that of others to overcome challenges, I cared and loved people, earned respect, built trust and relationship passionately and purposefully,  and most especially, I am a Business Development Officer, project management and controls professional.

I used to feel challenged in leading projects and people to achieve goals and objectives timely and on budget which resulted in frequent complaints, schedule slippage, cost overruns, resource wastages, multitasking, low self- confidence, poor communication, dissatisfaction from client and team members.

Back then, I believed in reacting to issues, being defensive of my work and life, getting angry at feedback, hiding the truth about myself, forced others to accept my opinion and blame others for what had happened. This was actually a limiting belief system which prevented me from being more aware of myself and core values, competencies and how to work well with people and serve people well.

In 2013, while working as a project planner  at an Oil and gas company, while doing my best on every job assigned to me, I missed an important step in my deliverables and in my communications which resulted in a complain about my personal and professional competence and capabilities to delivery excellently, blame from team lead and even a query for my boss. This made me emotionally and mentally challenged.

As a result of this emotional challenge, I was not happy at work, my motivation drastically reduced and self-doubt started to creep in. I started to question myself, I asked myself what is going on, what is the challenge in question, what am I passionate about and why, how may I serve people. I accepted the truth about myself and the current challenge, discovering my strengths, weaknesses, limiting belief, what I like and what I don’t like.

Right after that, I decided to upgrade my belief system, became more aware of myself, core values, core competencies, boosting my self-confidence, my eyes opened to see my passion and purpose clearly, my roadmaps and blueprint from the past to present and how to become a searchlight for others. In fact, the earlier one realizes this truth about limiting belief and upgrading, the sooner one becomes competent and true to people while living and leading passionately and purposefully.

Today, I am an award recipient in leadership and success, admitted to the engineering degree in mechanical engineering, became a member of project Management institute, certified Project Management Professional (PMP), certified by IWCF level 1, WORM and many more in the pipeline. In retrospect, I am convinced I did not get all this by luck, but through commitment to achieving my goals and dreams, did my best to get what I wanted no matter what. I am so grateful for what I have achieved so far, I am very confident of achieving everything I want in the future because I am committed to following my success and leadership philosophy, process, system, tools and techniques and the strategies which I have developed over time.

Now, I am on a mission to take a position of a Business and project management to challenge my knowledge, skills, experience and capabilities and that of others to change performance through clear purpose, improve profit through passion and boost productivity through people -oriented leadership through my awareness in project management and project controls, effective communication, authentic leadership, passionate and purposeful commitment, clarity, focus, self-confidence and self-discipline, honesty and integrity and perseverance.

My mission is only to serve you and help you to achieve your dreams and goals in project, resources, organization and increase your influence, respect, satisfaction and expected outcomes within and without.

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Jan-2015 (5.9 yrs experience)
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Oct 2020 (0.2 yrs experience, WARNING: 5.7 years variance with Professional Since)
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