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New to Maintenance/ Shutdown scheduling

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Priscilla Lam
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Hi, my experience has always been project planning.  Recently I've been assigned to do maintenance/ shutdown scheduling (CPF, well pads), I'm having a hard time figuring out how to approach it.  In projects world, I've always been doing the top down bottom up approach.  For maintenance/ shutdown, so far my observation is, everyone is in the weeds.  Just to list a couple questions to start off:

1) There are 9 levels in the WBS, with every single WO in it.  Is there a simpler way to do this?  Can the WOs be activity codes?

2) In general, what's the best roll up level for Management?  I don't think they want to see all the WOs in the schedule.  I'm thinking they mainly want to see the key and critical drivers?

3) Updating P6 schedule - what's a quick way?  Site planners are doing all of their planning in Maximo.  Any tips on import/export from Maximo to P6?

4) Any recommended websites, technical papers, textbook that can help me understand the big picture?  Such as all the key drivers leading to start of shutdown.

5) How do I schedule break-in work if the schedule gets update every week?  I just put an activity name "Break in"?  How do I know what resources to put in it?

Thanks so much in advance!