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@ Risk assistance

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Hopefully someone can point me in the correct direction here.

I have 7 data points (actuals from a mini-project i'm currently doing - 2800, 4300, 8300, 11000, 13600, 14900, 17400) and would like to trend these out to week 26 to give me a forecast at completion $ range so i can determine the P50, P75, P85, P95. Last time i provided input to @Risk was back in the I have been tasked to develop the 'simple' task set out above in @Risk and having looked at a few tutorials I'm not seeing a model that appears to fit what i'm looking for...

Can any of the members give me an indication of what steps i need to take to build and run the model.

I'm currently got the Trial version from Palisade v7.5 incase it matters.

Thank you in advance to all responses.