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Pertmaster Releases Latest Version of Risk Expert

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Christy Tullis
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Hello Everyone,

Good news! Pertmaster has just released the latest version of Risk
Expert and you have an opportunity to see it!!

What: Pertmaster Demonstration

When: Lunch time! 12pm-1pm CST

Thursday, Feb. 2
Mon., Feb. 6
Fri., Feb. 17
Thurs., Feb. 23

For those of you unable to attend the Risk Management Best Practices
Workshop event you have another opportunity!

I will provide a product demonstration of Pertmaster Project Risk and
Risk Expert through WebEx and conference call. If there is a large group
I will not be able to allow questions, but I will be able to answer them
through phone and email after the session. These products enable you to
perform a risk analysis on your schedule. View
for information on Project Risk and Risk

If you would like to attend:
Please email me at your email and phone
information. I will provide you with the webex and conference call
information via email.

The latest version of Risk Expert allows you to:

* Run a Monte Carlo Analysis on your schedule

* A Monte Carlo Analysis is run by taking three point
estimates of the durations or costs in your schedule and then running an
analysis on this which produce a histogram that shows the percentage
chance of coming in on time or to budget, and a tornado diagram which
tells you the tasks that need to be focused on to improve the confidence

* Record external risk events in a risk register (this can be
imported from programs such as Excel
* Label the external risk events as threats or opportunities
* Label the percentage chance time that the external risk event
may occur
* Determine your risk tolerance through a risk scoring chart (The
risk score is determine by multiplying the probability X by the Impact)
* Lay out mitigation plans and determine if it would be a better
choice to mitigate or assume the risks
* Map the external risk events to tasks in the schedule and then
run a Monte Carlo analysis.
* Create alternate scenarios
* And much much more!!

View more information on the latest release at

Best regards,

Christy Tullis

Senior Sales Executive


2100 West Loop South, Suite 1050

Houston, Texas 77027

+1 (713) 595-7654 direct

+1 (281) 435-4566 mobile

+1 (713) 595-7657 facsimile