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Risk Management Best Practices Workshop

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Christy Tullis
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Hello everyone, and Happy New Year!! Now is a great time to start
and keep those new year resolutions!

Pertmaster will be hosting Risk Management Best Practices Workshops
in the following cities:

Houston-Feb. 15
Washington, DC-Feb. 21
Los Angeles-March 2

Time: 8:30am-10:30am

If you would like to attend please contact:
Christy Tullis
Senior Sales Executive

Cost: FREE, and breakfast will be provided


Struggling to keep your project on time and to budget? Constantly
trying to get back on track? Learn how to make better use of your
project information through risk analysis.

Join project project, program, and portfolio managers to learn risk
management techniques in a hands-on, applied approach course. Learn
best practices on how to identify, plan for, manage and respond to
risks and uncertainties all within a two hour workshop.

All best practices taught in the workshop follow accepted
methodologies in Risk Management:

Model uncertainty through advanced project risk templating
- Learn which risk distribution types should be used. Accurately
model complex risk interactions through correlation
- Develop enterprise templates across the board

Incorporate risk logs and risk registers into your risk analysis
- Track pre and post risk response levels
- Determine risk reduction leverage by looking at cost benefit of
alternate mitigation plans
- Use customizable PI matrices to prioritize risk
- Generate risk plans incorporating tasks, risk events and
mitigation plans

Use cash flow and earned value to better track budgets
- Create probabilistic cash flows
- Determine long-term return on investment through Net Present Value

Validate and analyze your project plans for accurate project modeling
- Run schedule check on your Microsoft Project and Primavera
schedules to better model project plans

Project, program and portfolio managers, team members, risk
managers, and other project professionals who see risk management as
being the key to properly managing successful projects and