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Project Control Functions - A Benchmark of Current Best Practices

"Project Control Functions - A Benchmark of Current Best Practices" by 2004 Project Management Solutions, Inc

Organizations do not perform project control functions well. Managing issue, risk and change control processes are particularly troublesome. These conclusions are among the results of a survey of fifty-four project management practitioners by the Center for Business Practices, the research arm of the consulting and training organization, PM Solutions.

The CBP surveyed senior practitioners with knowledge of their organizations’ project management practices and business results. The survey, Project Control Functions: A Benchmark of Current Business Practices, was designed to investigate best practices in the performance of project control functions in organizations. Project control functions include:

  • Educating the Project Team on Proper Project Management Processes
  • Facilitating/Overseeing Project Planning/Control Sessions
  • Developing the Project Schedule and Work Breakdown Structure
  • Managing the Critical Path to Ensure Schedules are Being Met
  • Estimating Project Costs
  • Tracking and Analyzing Project Costs
  • Managing the Process of Issue, Risk and Change Control
  • Documenting and Delivering Project Status Information

The survey results revealed that half of the organizations responding performed project control functions average to poorly. Three functions in particular were cited for needed improvement: managing the process of issue, risk and change control; educating the project team on proper project management processes; and estimating project costs. Organizations are best at documenting and delivering project status information.

They also showed that most organizations do not recognize project controls as a specific job role. Project control functions are typically performed by project managers, who either report to a centralized project office or to specific departments within their organization.

Project Control Functions: A Benchmark of Current Business Practices is the first survey to provide benchmark data on a wide variety of issues surrounding the project controls function in organizations. The findings are helpful in gauging the value of project controls and what, in general, most organizations practice.

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