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What job title would best reflect my current position? | How to better position myself on Linkedin?

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Daniel But
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What job title would best reflect my current position?
What info to select for my Linkedin profile to a better position/advertise myself & match it with what employers & recruiters look for?
My role is multifold and I share some responsibilities of Business Analyst, Program Manager, Project Manager, Administrator & Support, Performance Manager

I find it hard to summarise all of my responsibilities in a clear & concise way on Linkedin, with best possible keywords.
Business Analyst seems to be the best match for my job title, but at the same time it misses all the aspects of management, which I would like
potential future employers & recruiters to see in my profile.

Here is a summary:
- I am responsible for SalesForce in the ops division (~600 employees & across ~60 countries worldwide)
- I am both SalesForce Subject Matter Expert & Project Manager at the same time, but since it is an ongoing activity, I think I can also consider myself as Program Manager?
- I previously managed other CRM platform and then managed E2E transition to SalesForce over 2 years including:
requirements gathering, design, testing, training, support, administration, metrics, reporting & ongoing strategic development/improvements.
- Following 2 year transition, I now look after ongoing SalesForce development/improvement/upgrades, while I handed over most of the BAU activities.
- The above is approx. 50% of my role, while the other goes to KPI/reporting/improvement initiatives.

Any tips on the above would be much appreciated.