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Pain points of project management

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Aleksandra Buczek
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I just started my job as a junior project manager but, I have a question to you - more experienced PMs. What are your main Pain Points in your daily work and how do you handle them?

Thank you for your answers!


Divya Sethi
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According to me, the main pain point of project management is to Constantly Follow-up

Staying up-to-date with who is doing what and whether each element of the project is on track is an essential part of the project manager's role. Keeping up with each member of the team, particulaly those working offsite and third party service providers, can eat into your working day. 

Although these can seem boring and time- consuming, they are a critical part of the project manager's experience. They are essential so that any project manager can have an idea of the overall state of direction the project is going on.