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How do you set goals for your team!!

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MD Mohidul
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Here are 7 steps to set goals for your team and ensure they're as effective as possible.
  1. Know what you want to achieve
  2. Set goals at the team level
  3. Let people develop their own goals
  4. Set deadlines
  5. Track progress on goals
  6. Help people meet their goals
  7. Learn from your mistake


Above all, the important thing is to remember why you're setting goals and how you can use them to do better work. Each team is different, so try various formats of goal setting until you find one that works for you.

Throughout the process, communication is key to ensure everyone is aligned and understands why goals are being set. And of course, team goals should always be aligned with the company ones, as well as the company vision. Beyond project-related goals that drive results, don't forget to spend time on personal development goals with your team members.

Finally, try to maintain a project management software to grow the productivity of our business!!


Divya Sethi
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Goals for the team can be set by keeping following points in mind.

  • Goals must align with the organization’s mission and strategy. 
  • They must be clear and easy to understand.
  • They must be accepted and recognized as important by everyone who will have to implement them.
  • Progress towards goals must be measurable.
  • Goals must be framed in time, with clear beginning and ending points.
  • They should be supported by rewards.
  • They should be challenging, but achievable.
Violette Tillman
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Very effective suggestion for the newbie!! thanks mate..