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List of activity for sub structure work

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Milind Pandhare
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Activity ID Activity description

*mobilisation work*
MOBI-01 Site Mobilisation
MOBI-03 Fencing work
MOBI-02 Establish Temporary Servicies

*Earth work*

EARTH-03 Shoring ( I- Section Concrete pannel )
EARTH-02 Priliminary Earth Work
EARTH-04 1st Phase Excavation
EARTH-05 2nd stage Excavation & concrete panel instlation
EARTH-07 Carting Excess Excavated material
EARTH-06 Dewaterring
EARTH-08 Formation of Deep Area
EARTH-09 Compaction & Formation for Raft bed
*Foundation work*
FOUND-02 Guniting
FOUND-01 PCC Deep Area
FOUND-05 Rubberised Bitumen Coating
FOUND-06 Waterproofing & Screed Protection
FOUND-04 Vertical area water proffing
FOUND-07 Steel work for RAFT
MEP-01 Drainage pipe laying and testing (UG Drainage)
FOUND-08 Raft Slab Casting (Part A&B)

*Basement work*

SUB-01 Retaining Wall
SUB-06 Ramp Work
SUB-02 Shear Wall & Lift Core Wall
SUB-03 steel work for column
SUB-04 Form work for column
SUB-05 Column casting For GF Slab
SUB-07 Decking Work for G.F Slab
SUB-08 Steel Work for G.F Slab
SUB-09 MEP sleves & conduits for G.F Slab
SUB-10 Ground Floor Slab Casting
SUB-11 Deshuttering
SUB-12 Ramp Side RCC wall
SUB-13 Rcc planters & side wall / upstaand