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Defaults Units/Time and Max Units/Time

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Muhammad Asim
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While creating resource database (Resources Window), you encounterd by two columns. One is Units/Time another is Max. Units/Time. My question is that what's the difference between these two? And also what is the use of Max Units/Time. Like if Default Units/Time is 8h/d and Max Units/Time is 10h/d. What is the difference between these two. When'll we use Max Units/Time (i.e. 10h/d).


Alex Alex
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Hi Asim

The  Default Units/Time of a resource (for example 8h/d) is to specify rate of work hours for one number of resource available while Max Units/Time  is used to indicate the maximum availability of that resource for e.g., multiple number of people available to do that work.  

For example, Max Units/Time of a resource can be 40h/d if you have 5 numbers of that resource available in your enterprise while its default Units/Time is 8h/day.