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How to Get Rid Of "Neck" of Progress Bar

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Praves Suppa
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I had encountered a kind of clumsy work after update progress. Once pressed F9 some tasks were shown for neck bar after Data Date.
The tasks from which expressed were in the condition of

Remaining Duration < (Early Finish - Data Date)

and most of the tasks predecessor was linked and drived by FF with Lag relationship.

My Concerns are about being thousand adjusted of neck bars, that’s quite a nightmare in every single due time of progress report.

Anyone used to face this kind of experience please share an idea or solution, would be thankfulness.



Dave Dodds
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I believe if you put an expected finish date on the act b this should also take away the necking.
Manoj Kumar
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Hi prabhas

this kind of problem results in updation because activities usually does not progress as per links provided.

if you are using P3 then try this
Tools > Schedule > Options > General > Then check on Progress Override in when scheduling activites and then schedule.
Similar kind of command is available in P3e also.

I hope this should work

Praves Suppa
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Hello all Dudes,

Sorry for having explained to you all unclearly. Let me give you one sample for an idea.

Data Date is 27Sep’99

Activity A (OD)=10,(RD)=5, (AS)- 10SEP’99 - (EF)- 1OCT’99
ACtivity B (OD)=10,(RD)=5, (AS)- 15SEP’99 - (EF)- 15OCT’99

Predecessor of Activity B is Activity A Link by FF with Lag (+10Days)

So this sample will make Activity B necked by assumption of RD < EF - DD
Activity B has EF reached at 15Oct’99 because of FF with Lag(+10Days)Logic, but it has RD just only 5 days left which causing for necked bar.

What I have to do,, I need to adjust the RD from 5 Days to be (EF-DD) Days and adjust EF to be the same date of 15 OCT’99 for remain its logic and date wises.

This can be get rid of Neck without setting of Format Bar.

Best Regards,

Philip Jonker
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Hi guys,
I think the problem as I understand it might be to do with logic. There is a setting for retain logic in the scheduling, turn this off
Paul Naughton
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Are you saying some of your bars have a remaining duration of less than the early finish date.

For example,

DD – Monday
RD – 3d
EF – Friday

Have I understood this right?
Praves Suppa
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Joined: 16 May 2006
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Hello Nigel,

Thank you for your suggestion on Bar format Setting. In Fact, the issue for neck on Progress Bar is concerned to Remaining Duration adjustment. well, what I did for the progress updating state, I have to calculate the duration of neck bar from Data Date and restrain on what Early Finish Date was calculated by P3 ... Once I have adjusted the Remaining duration (Add more days as neck bar duration) Press F9 ... The new Early finish date will be extended, but I have to adjust Early Finish date to be the one that was before RD adjusting.. The result will be neck bar removal with the right calculated Early Finish date without setting of Bar Format.

But this removal process is quite taking a certain lasting long period in order to do for huge number of neck progress bar activities.

I used to do the Global Change for this removal Neck Bar Symptom.
by filter the activities which have Actual Start with the condition
- Remaining Duration < EF - DD (The assumption for Neck occurence)
- Predecessor is linked by Finsh-Finish(FF) and Driven with Lag duration.


Anyone has some other solution please share. or Anyone who can detect the neck bar by its causing logic wise please feel free to share too.

Thank you and Best Regards,

Nigel Winkley
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Not having a copy of P3 in front of me but from memory, in the format bars section there is a Tick Box that says something like Neck bars for holidays and nother that says neck bars for non-work periods. If you un-tick these then you should get straight bars.

Anyone with P3 out there that can confirm this and give exact details?