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best available Microsoft Power BI dashboards

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John Reeves
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best available Microsoft Power BI dashboards - seems like some companies are making them themselves - it would seem like it would be better just to customize one that is out there, seen any good ones for this?  (or any you can't customize), has AEC learned its lessons on becoming software companies (although InEight proved it can be done successfully)


Leonard Byrd
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John I believe an advanced course in Excel will help you free all that data captured by software and actually help you to function in the schedule - controls environment. Most software now days are simply redressed excel spread sheets anyway. I take my schedules and dump them into an excel spread sheet then I tie all the deliverables (Specifications, General Conditions, Drawings and regulatory reqiuirements) and do a reverse pass with durations on each of the deliverable steps to determine what date I need to assign to each deliverable each to insure all the steps are addressed and completed on time to allow the schedule activity to occur on the date scheduled. 

I tie this spreadsheet to the run date of the computer and filter for all late and next week's deliverables by responsible individuals and send an e-mail out each on Friday to status each of my Critical Items for each and every one in the Project team. Since I started doing this in 1985, I have never had a busted schedule. What's more impressive, that 1985 Project that initiated this procedure was one of the more complex I've had and it carried with it the highest possibile level for failure - The Disney MGM Studio Tour Project in Orlando.

In my humble opinion Adobe PDF and MS Excel are the two best softwares out there.